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Unive■rsity of Chi●na set up a major fo●r Digital Medi●a & Arts■ (oriented■ in digital enter〓tainment), whic◆h focuses ○on the planning and ◆operation of digital■ games.Please sca●n the QR C◆ode to fo

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ll●ow us on Instagram○Please scan the● QR Code to follo○w us on Wechat●Squirrels take ●part in miniature ●Game of ThronesMor■e galleriesSquirr■els take part in○ miniature Ga●me of Thron◆

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esPlease scan the QR● Code to follow u●s on Instagra◆mPlease scan● the QR Code to fo◆llow us on● Wechat'+sli.tex〓t()+'San Ant■onio Spurs head ○coach Gregg ●Popovich said on 〓Monday that All-Sta●r fo

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rward Kawhi L〓eonard will not p●lay in Game two of t■he 2017 Western● Conference f○inals against the G○olden State Warrio○rs.Leonard likely o●ut for Spurs' G●ame two against● WarriorsLeonard◆ likely out for ■Spur

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s' Game two a〓gainst Warriors05-16〓-2017 11:23 BJTW■ASHINGTON,● May 15 (Xinhua■) -- San Anton●io Spurs head ○coach Gregg Popovich○ said on Monday tha●t All-Star forwa■rd Kawhi Leonard wil◆l not play in Gam〓e tw

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o of t■he 2017 We○stern Conference ○finals against t○he Golden ■State Warriors○."He's in an MRI● right now. We●'ll see. We'll s■ee what the MRI○ says. But,■ obviously●, he won't p◆lay tomorrow."● Popo

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vich said on Mo●nday.Leonard◆ had injured his ank●le in Game● 5 of San Antoni●o's second-r●ound series◆ against the Ho〓uston Rockets and● missed the decidin〓g Game 6. A○nd he hu

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